Hunter-Toots Puppies


Hunter Blue and Toots litter born August 16, 2012

Bred June 2012

Born: August 16, 2012

3 Girls and 1 Boy

Dam - Tootsie is UKC registered

Sire - Hunter Blue Diamond is AKC registered

Litter is UKC registered

Sold - Blackie, Ebony, Onyx and Buster

Puppy #1 - born @ 9.4 oz. 

Puppy #2 (male) Buster - born @ 11.4 oz.

Puppy #3 - born @ 10.6 oz.

Puppy #4 -  born @ 10.2 oz.

9/29 - Woke up to this email from Sharon this morning -

We came home from my dress rehearsal this evening to find that Tootsie had broken the puppies out of their kitchen playpen.  They wrecked the entire house!!!!!!  to begin with, pee and poop everywhere, then there was the shredded newspaper EVERYWHERE, then they chewed up all of Zachary's Lego toys and army men.   Such mayhem!!  They must have danced the tango, played cards and smoked cigars, too!

Bart has given them a new name...The Wrecking Crew.

10/13 - Tootsie’s litter is 8 weeks old now and has started going to their new homes.  We wish those puppy families many laughs and smiles! 

Photo album

Above is Tootsie’s Momma, Charley, hoping someone will open the whelping room door so she can try to steal a puppy.