Hunter-Abbey puppies 2014


Hunter Blue and Abbey litter born August 21, 2014

Bred June 2014

Born: August 21, 2014

1 Girl and 2 Boys

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of 3 more puppies bred by Hunter Blue, this time to a pretty female from north of us in Texas.  Abbey went in to labor Thursday morning 8/21 and late that night had three puppies, 1 male chocolate, 1 male black, white, tan and 1 female black, white and tan.  This is Abbey’s first litter and Momma and pups are doing well.  We look forward to adding more puppy info to this page as Abbey’s family provides it.  We will forward any puppy questions and inquiries to Abbey’s family on their behalf. 

Everyone is still recovering from Abbey’s first whelping and will give us more info as they have it.

8/31 update - now a week old and growing!  More photos added to the photo album.

12/01/14 update - Two of the puppies are now in their new homes and the brown, white tan male is staying with his Momma and her family and is now called Copper.  We wish them all well!!

Photo album